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  • Steven Wickman

Grand Finals Time

The weekend was a good one for the club with a fair share of wins on the board.  Our Juniors fared much better that the seniors who from the 7 teams had two winners, A Reserve and the Ladies for the second season in a row for these two defending Premiers.  Well done!


In the Juniors we did a lot better with 5 from 7 teams making it to the finals making us the highest represented club in the Junior ranks.  Congratulations to the 17/1, 15/2 Grey, 14/1, 14/2 and Thunder Girls teams.


It would be great to see us win both of the Ladies comps taking us one better than last seasons effort and for the first time.  This also means we have a stack of games at Eric Mobbs reserve over the weekend so get down and support the teams, I know they will appreciate the support.

Good Luck and we hope that you all play your best cricket.


Team 1

Team 2


A Res

Hills Barbarians

Guildford Leagues

Monty Bennett (b/u Binalong)


Kellyville Supersonics

Hills Barbarians

Balmoral Rd (2 pm)

TGL St 2

Hills Barbarians

Kellyville Supersonics

Eric Mobbs 1 (2 pm)

U17 Div1

Wenty Wartatahs

Hills Barbarians

Ted Burge 1

U15 Div2

Hills Barbarians Grey

Parramatta Womens

Eric Mobbs 3

U14 Div1

Hills Barbarians

Seven Hills

Eric Mobbs 2

U14 Div2


Hills Barbarians Green

Roberta St Park


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