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Heat Policy and Game Changes 8.12.2023 & 7.12.2023

8.12.2023 @ 1:42PM from the PDCA Executive Frank Pitt

Hi All,


In light of the forecast high temperatures, the PDCA Board has decided to modify playing conditions for all matches.

The following will apply to PDCA cricket tomorrow Sat. 9th Dec.


All girls/womens Thunder league (afternoon) - Cancelled.  


Stage 1 juniors (non-competitive) - matches start 8.15am, earlier if both teams can organise (not before 8.00am) Matches should finish by 11.00am. Drinks breaks as are required.


Stage 2 & Stage 3 Juniors - matches reduced to 20 overs (normal rules, not T20). Maximum 4 overs per bowler. Stage 2 batter's compulsory retirement after 25 balls.

Commence; 8.15am

Innings break cut-off: 9.40am

Scheduled finish: 11.15am. May continue to cut off at 11.30am.

Drinks after 10 overs.


Senior - matches reduced to 32 overs. Maximum 7 overs per bowler.

Commence; 1.30pm

Innings break cut-off: 4.00pm

Scheduled finish: 6.45pm. May continue to cut off at 7.15pm.

Drinks after 11 & 22 overs.


Please ensure the Laws around "suitability of conditions" and the Extreme Heat Policy are followed. Interruptions due to conditions or the application of the policy are treated as any weather related interruption, in respect of lot time/overs or a run-rate result.


The board understands that whatever our decision, not everyone will agree with it. I believe that this is a sensible compromise.

Let me know if I have missed anything.


Best regards,


Frank Pitt


Executive Officer

7.12.2023 @ 5:47PM from the PDCA Executive Frank Pitt

Hi All,


With high temperatures forecast for Saturday, please note the following and pass on to all teams.


Firstly, as the three Saturday afternoon Thunder Girls/Womens competitions are conducted under the junior Extreme Heat Policy trigger points, all matches in these competitions are called off for Saturday. That is: 

All TGL Stage 1, TGL Stage 2 and TWL Stage 3 round 12 matches are off. Please mark as "abandoned".


Regarding all other competitions, no changes are planned aside from what may be required by the Extreme Heat Policy if triggered.  

Please ensure all Coaches/Managers, Captains and Player Umpires are aware that:

  • The Umpire (or the two coaches/captains together if no neutral umpire is appointed) is the judge of the fitness of conditions for play, Play stops or doesn't begin if the umpire deems conditions "dangerous or unreasonable for play to take place"

  • The Extreme Heat Policy below, dictates when play absolutely cannot take place or must stop, and allows for extra breaks prior to that point.

  • Be it rain or heat, any weather related interruption is handled the same - refer to the rules for overs lost or run rate result.

  • The Extreme Heat Policy uses "The Weather Channel" app, with the phone's location turned on.

There may be further updates tomorrow.


Extreme Heat Policy 

1.4 The fitness of conditions for play at each venue are at the sole discretion of the Umpire who shall decide whether play begins, continues or is suspended based on the conditions and circumstances at that venue. If play is taking place it becomes subject to the Extreme Heat Policy if temperatures reach levels described in that Policy. SMARTPHONE APP “The Weather Channel” shall be the official App for sourcing temperature data. The “feels like” temperature shall be the official temperature measurement. Smartphone location settings must be enabled. 


Level 1 – The umpires shall schedule additional drinks intervals in the event that the “feels like” temperature exceeds 37 degrees Celsius (32 degrees for Junior matches). The drinks interval shall be of 5 minutes duration. Players and umpires may leave the field of play during this interval. 

Level 2 – Play shall cease immediately in the event that The Weather Channel “feels like” temperature, at the location, exceeds 41 degrees Celsius (37 for Junior matches). Resumption of play – Play shall resume if the “feels like” temperature drops to 41 degrees (37 for Juniors) or less. Loss of playing time due to Extreme Heat is treated as any other weather-related interruption. PDCA reserve the right to cancel a round based on a forecast of extreme heat.


Best regards,


Frank Pitt


Executive Officer


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