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Cricket & Wet Weather

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Tomorrow see's the teams having to deal with Wet Conditions or Wet Weather. Please refer to the rules below and ensure you are familiar with them.

Caution - If you are playing stage 3 and it is the 2nd week of the game then there is no change to the game, you will be required to bowl the overs that the team bowled to you or bowl them out to complete the game. There is no DWL nor is there any reduction in the total runs. If you do not get all the overs in even with the extra allowed 30mins the game is a draw.

Wet Weather Rules

Coaches and managers are asked to familiarise themselves with the rules about wet weather and you can see them on the PDCA Rules & Policies | Parramatta DCA (

Parents and Coaches are reminded that the game is on until it is called off at the venue. You must show up to the game even if it is raining in the morning. The rules are very clear on this matter.

If there is no clear decision on whether play should commence then you are to keep doing what you are doing at the time of the dispute, same as if the game is going and there is no clear understanding between the umpires then you keep doing what you were doing at the time of the dispute.

Both teams have an obligation to try and get the game started and completed by ensuring that you make your best effort. Home teams are asked to bring or provide a broom to sweep the pitch or help remove the water. Play can be delayed, and the rules will help you with this.

Parents are reminded that they should not be leaving players at the venue if poor weather is around, the game could be abandoned at any time.

Coaches are asked to use common sense and be sensible when assessing the grounds conditions.


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