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Blast Program Week 1 Starts 02.02.2024

Welcome back to the Parents and players from October and November and welcome to the new players who are joining us for the last 7 weeks of the season.

For the older children who are definitely at the stage of playing the game, so you have done the program before playing the game, you can bowl a ball reasonably well of 12-14 metres and hitting a moving ball is ok for you.  We will refer to you as GAME Players.

For the younger children 5-7 who cannot hit a moving ball, bowl a ball off 12-14 metres we will refer to you as JUNIOR Blast Players.

GAME Players - arrive at the ground before 6:15pm and you can have a bit of a hit with some of the gear we are setting up.  No Later than 6:25 we will be starting the games after putting the teams together.  This will require 2 parents minimum to assist with.

JUNIOR Blast Players - Arrive at 6:30pm to be ready to start at 6:40pm, we again will have all the gear out ready to start and you can with a parent hit a ball and practice our skills.

Don't panic at this time we are fine if for the first week everyone shows up at 6:15pm the first week will be all about learning and organising the players and parents.

AIM of the Program is to get as many Junior Blast players playing in the GAME groups before the end of the season.


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